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Annie Oakley



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Stampede: An all-American favorite
A classic blend of lavender, sage, Mediterranean spices with traces of Moroccan rose, followed by a subtle hint of amber and vintage patchouli.

Sagebrush: Masculine, balanced and warm
A balanced blend of zesty citrus and lime with the lingering and sensuous essence of sandalwood.

Wild West: Crisp blend of bergamot and lemon
A modern blend of essential oils with lively bergamot and zesty lemon, balanced with musk and mossy vetiver, an earthy, masculine essential oil.

Caballero: The spirit of the authentic cowboy lives on
Its crisp, citrus scents of Italian bergamot and lemon, along with spicy cardamom, warm vanilla amber and woody notes come together to ignite attraction and awaken your senses to a cool desert night.

Peace and harmony with the earth.
Breathe in the great outdoor freshness of mandarin and bergamot with ozone, spicy black pepper, cardamom and woody sandalwood.

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